Language of Flowers

There are around 832 languages spoken across the world. But did you know that there is an unspoken language that can express exactly how you feel, without saying a word? This Valentines Day thoughts turn to presents. This year, don’t fall in the stereotype of roses and chocolates and cuddly teddies. Why don’t you draw on an age old tradition of sharing your feelings through flowers? Think long term with your language of flowers, and send seeds, to last a lifetime.

Otherwise known as floriography, the language of flowers has been around for centuries, and seen as far back as 10th century, where plants and flowers were used as symbols in the Hebrew Bible. However, it was the Victorian Era that really bought the language of flowers back into fashion. At a time where dating needed a chaperone and an even a table legs had to be covered up, flowers and their arrangement were used to send coded messages.

Like any other language, the language of flowers has a dictionary due to the intricate nature of the communication, and these were used to compile their coded messages. Often, they would gift smaller, wearable bouquets called “tussie-mussies”; just image walking around knowing you were wearing a secret declaration of love!

However, the language of flowers in not exclusive to the romantic Victorians; we will also see symbolic references in plays, literature and art. In fact, the language if flowers is not always centred on love.  Like all languages, it is about expression of feelings; so if someone sent you yellow roses, they may be telling you that you have a strong friendship but no romantic intensions. Whilst, if you received a Black Rose, that could be quite threatening, due to its long standing connection with Dark Magic!

But, let’s get back to sweeter thoughts as I share with you nine Post It Grow It seeds to pair with your feelings inspired by Valentine’s Day:



It doesn’t matter which colour you send, this symbol of love also means “daintiness”


If you want to tell someone you have an enduring love send them these


Send these to tell someone you are fascinated by them! If you send pink carnations, you are saying you will never forget them. But don’t send yellow or striped as these signify rejection!


Gift the white flower and you are letting them know you are speaking the truth.


If you send them this, and they happen to grow a four-leaved one, then this means “be mine”


Send them some of this herb, and you are telling them you are filled with a passionate love!


You are asking them to never forget you, and that they are your true love!


You want to say how happy they make you. Maybe one to propose with?


Send these seeds and you will saying your love is eternal, and that they will always be beautiful to you.

Which of these nine languages will express your intentions this Valentine’s? If you do decide to go traditional with roses, let me give you some advice.  Stick with red or red/white striped, both of which symbolise romantic love.  If you don’t want to be dining alone this Valentines weekend, make sure you avoid yellow roses which symbolise friendship! It’s never too late to show someone how much they are loved.

Written by Clara Wilcox The Balance Collective

The Balance Collective is a social enterprise, focused on improving the lives of parents. We all need balance in our lives – for our health, for our happiness and for our families.











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Language of Flowers
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