Ethical Christmas Gifting

How to create a unique and sustainable present this Christmas.

It’s OK to mention the “C” word now.  Christmas is coming (if you hadn’t already noticed). With Christmas comes gifts; and often a head-scratching perplexity of getting something for someone that already has everything!

Ethical gifting has been around for a while; but now, there is a new movement. Minimalistic gifting. From the life-changing “konmari method” where you only keep things that brings you joy, to the “magic four” (something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need) finding a present within a sea of gift guides and “must have” lists, can feel overwhelming!

What if you could find a gift that carried on giving? How would that feel? That would stick around longer than the lightly perfumed bath salts or soap on a rope. That could teach the next generation how to grow their own, feed themselves and brighten up a window box?

Let me give you a tip. You don’t have to buy ready-made presents. You can pull together a personalised, well thought out gift; all it takes a little bit of planning and imagination.

Using “post-it grow-it” you can develop gifts for all generations of your family and friends; from the foodie to the gardener, the options are there.  It just takes these three simple steps:

  1. Pick your giftee

Do you want to send seeds for flowers, vegetables or a combination of all? Consider what they enjoy doing; do they want to grow and eat or are they are flower fan?

Do they plant indoor or outdoor? You will be surprised by how many seeds can be planted within weeks of Christmas day if they are an “indoor Gardener”.  (Check out the handy “shop by the season” guide on the website)

You can even gift for children. How amazing would it be to show your little ones how things progress from seeds to food to the table!

  1. What do you want them to do with the seeds?

A nice way to present the gift is to include pots, gardening gloves and trowels. While they wait for the seeds to arrive in the post, they can prepare the space they need.

If you are giving them vegetable or herb seeds, maybe include a recipe book or sheet so they can cook and eat what they have grown.

If they have a favourite recipe, then it could become a cooking gift – with the seeds to be combined with bakeware, kitchen tools or a recipe pack!

  1. Are they impatient?

Get the seeds delivered to you and then add them to the gift. Then they are ready to start on Boxing Day.

Picture the scene. Christmas Morning, your nearest and dearest opens a beautiful package. Within it is the promise of months’ worth of food or flowers. How amazing would that feel?  Find out more about “Post It – Grow it” here.

We would love to see the gifts you create. Share with us your presents (once Father Christmas has visited) by using the hashtag #postitgrowitxmas on social media and we will share on our Instagram account.

Written by Clara Wilcox The Balance Collective

The Balance Collective is a social enterprise, focused on improving the lives of parents. We all need balance in our lives – for our health, for our happiness and for our families.


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Ethical Christmas Gifting
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